Oak Tree

The Greatest Oak was once a little acorn that held its ground


The purpose for which the Corporation is founded is to provide assistance for people with special needs and for their families through the benefits of equine assisted activities and associated activities with other therapy animals and to provide support for those with special needs through education, recreation, training and therapy in an all-inclusive community center which promotes the value of all people regardless of their individual challenges. To engage any other lawful activities in support of such purpose. Our initial primary focus is to provide a dynamic learning and socialization experience for adults and children with special physical needs and/or emotional needs, veterans, emergency responders, and their families through PATH certified therapeutic riding instruction and equine-assisted activities, therapeutic poultry, assisted activities, and community gardening.


James H. Miller

Vice President:
Joanne Kline

Secretary/Treasurer/Signing Agent:
Carolyn W. Miller

Contact Us:

Phone: (540) 395 - 3321